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Scissor Films was founded in Los Angeles in 2011 with one purpose in mind: Quality. We specialize in post production for feature films, television, music videos, and advertising industries.

We offer comprehensive solutions in the areas of editing, visual effects, color, beauty, motion graphics, and VR, all with the simple goal of empowering the creators we work with. Using state-of-the-art technology, we created a streamline, 4k workflow that meets the vision, budget, and timeline of any client.

Our mission to provide high quality post production services on time and on budget is only realized through the passion and talent of our team. We at Scissor Films believe in a whatever-it-takes mentality ensuring, whether collaborating remotely or in the edit bay, high-end results in alignment with each client’s vision.

We are detail-oriented, collaborative, deadline-driven, agile, and responsive. We understand that every project is unique and as such, each process is tailored to meet production demands while simultaneously optimized to generate the highest caliber final product.

We love partnering with like minded creators whose passion is overshadowed only by their drive to tell their story. We view every aspect of the process as a craft and our team practices intense creative development that generates breakthroughs with clients.

Scissor Films works with a wide variety of creators in many different industries. We have the experience, flexibility, and scalability to take on any project, we are always looking for new collaborators and partners!


At Scissor Films our team is our family. We are comprised of a diverse group of artists, storytellers, dreamers, and go-getters. Every individual brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table and it’s not uncommon for the entire team to sit in on a creative brainstorming session. In addition to being an international company, we draw talent from all over the world to our headquarters in Los Angeles where we work together every day to craft and deliver award-winning products that reach global audiences.

What keeps us together is a true passion for the content we produce and an unrelenting work ethic that enables the execution of impossible projects and constantly pushes the limits of what is possible.

Check out our core team of creators:

Jensen Noen

Co-Founder and Director

Sam Malko

Co-Founder and Executive Producer

Joe Grayem


Phil Litvin

Post Producer

Hamed Dadafshar

Post Producer

Cody Stauffer

Post Editor

Jason Baum


Elina Fedorova

Head of Marketing


We are always looking to expand our team here at Scissor Films. Our projects range in size from music videos to full scale feature productions and as a result we always have open positions. Please see below for available career opportunities with us and contact us at office@scissorfilms.com if you are interested in joining our family!
5205 Agnes Ave Valley Village,
CA 91607 United States

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