Post Production House specializing in High-End: Editing, Color Correction, Visual Effects, Beauty Works, Motion Graphics and more.

Video & Effects

Our Services


Our extensive team of experienced and professional editors have edited thousands of projects including: music videos, commercials and films. We understand the style and feel required for each individual product.

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Visual Effects

Our visual effects team has extensive experience working with compositing, 3D and various visual effect. We guarantee highest quality product, even for the most complex and challenging ideas of customers.

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Color Correction

Color Correction – is the final stage of post production that will transform your product into a visual masterpiece. We have extensive experience in color correction for various products and style.

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Beauty works

Working with top celebrities and artist Beauty works has been one of the key factors in any major motion picture. SF Beauty Works has been providing their flawless services for numerous years working with productions, artist, and actors all around the world.

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Sound design

Sound is a powerful tool for one to express his thoughts and emotions, equal and as powerful as a video. We create original sound tracks, scores, sound effects, as well as recording voice overs. We have an extensive database of voice overs and music clean of any royalty mixes.

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Motion graphics

We have an extensive experience in producing broadcast designs for many TV-projects, V-Jing, video branding, animation, logos, infographics, and so on. We offer a wide range of ideas, suggestions and optimal ways to produce your tasks.

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