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Scissor films

We are a

Post Production House specializing in High-End: Editing, Color Correction, Visual Effects, Beauty Works, Motion Graphics and more.
Scissor Films offers a wide range of creative and technical services including but not limited to; pre production planning, storyboarding and previsualization, production and on-set supervision, post production editing, visual effects, modeling, rotoscoping, cleanup, compositing, color grading, beauty works, motion graphics, and VR integration. Our highly-talented team is capable of tackling projects of any size and in any condition to deliver you a final product you are happy with. We pride ourselves on creative collaboration even in the face of deadline or budget challenges. Together we can assist you in planning and executing your production from concept to deliverable. Let us help you transform your dream into reality!

Creative services

Scissor Films is often called on to help produce creative treatments during the initial phases of a project. We can help you transform ideas into treatments and concept art that captures the aesthetic of your vision. Our highly collaborative team can work with you to hone your single sentence or napkin sketch into a fully realized creative pitch, integrating visual effects as desired.

Pre Production

Scissor Films provides visual effects script consulting as well as a full suite of previsualization tools to assist in the planning of your project. This process not only cuts costs on the back end, but ensures a high quality result. Producers will review scripts, create storyboards and animatics, and consult your budget to help identify potential problems and avoid unnecessary costs in post production. Our strategic planning leads to a comprehensive production plan, custom-tailored to each unique project.

Production and On-Set Supervision

The second aspect of pre production planning is on-set visual effect supervision. We will send a trained supervisor who knows your project backwards and forwards and understands your visual effects needs in order to ensure that the materials collected on-set are ideal for the post production process. If you combine Scissor Films pre production, on-set production, and post production, we can guarantee a smooth process without any unforeseen costs or holdups.

Post Production

The heavy lifters in the film industry are the post houses and we are proud to offer some of the strongest services available. Our capabilities include: Editing; turning your DIT’s hard drives into beautiful, nested rough cuts, revision note application and edit sessions in-person, and final cut exports. Visual Effect; 3d modeling and animation, rotoscoping and cleanup as well as removals, compositing with high definition chroma keying including green screen amalgamation. Color Grading; taking your flat or raw capture and bringing it to life using layered and multidimensional LUTS. Beauty Works; making your talent, whether it be an a-list actor on a bad hair day or a product that just didn’t have enough condensation, look picture perfect in each and every frame, no exceptions.

Motion Graphics

Scissor films is also capable of creating dynamic visual content completely from scratch. Whether it’s an opening sequence to a new show or a title graphic, we can take any concept and turn it into a beautifully rendered sequence. If you’d like to learn more about one of our specific services, please click the corresponding icons below.

Video & Effects

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Visual Effects


Color Correction


Beauty work


Motion graphics



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